Manufacturer of precision machined metal and plastic parts, always to specifications


At Ukondartz we have been producing part manufacturing projects for more than 40 years. Quality, precision and flexibility combine to offer you a bespoke design adapted to your project’s characteristics and objectives.

What started out as a small business dedicated to the manufacture of chainsets for the motorcycle sector evolved to become one of the leading companies in our local custom precision machining field.

Innovation and the desire to progress

Since our foundation in 1977 in Bergara, we have worked hard on our commitment to aspects as important for a company as innovation and continuous improvement with regard both to our production processes and to the team of professionals who work at Ukondartz. We also constantly renew our machinery with our eyes set on keeping a step ahead and adapting to our customers’ needs today and tomorrow.

Today we have premises occupying 600m2 equipped with the latest machinery and a highly qualified team enabling us to take on highly complex machining projects.

Custom precision machining of metal and plastic industrial parts

At Ukondartz we offer you a high precision, top quality custom machining service.

40 years of experience in the sector vouch for the quality of
our work in precision machining processes.

Write to us or call us and we’ll inform you about all our services.

More than 40 years dedicated to precision machining

An extensive professional background and passion for our work means that we can offer our customers a complete and totally personalised precision machining process. We conduct all processes involved our customers’ machining projects from beginning to end; from the purchase of raw materials to machining and finishing with surface treatments such as tempering, bluing and chrome plating where required.

A high precision, top quality custom machining service