At Ukondartz we specialise in precision machining for the machine tool sector. We have means of production at the cutting edge of technology and innovation in addition to a highly qualified team of workers thanks to which we can assume high volume production while meeting the needs of your project with full guarantees.

Advice and support

We machine all kinds of parts for the machine tool and automotive sectors among others, with excellent results. Experience and commitment join hands to offer you a service of the finest precision and quality, always meeting the delivery deadlines and conditions agreed to at the start of the job.

As expert manufacturers of machine tool parts, we engage with your project from the first day, advising you on its design and production. This helps us not only to optimise the complete production process, but also to shorten delivery times and reduce potential setbacks when machining the part.

Do you need advice on machining for machine tools?

Contact us and our team of experts will provide you with the perfect
machining solution for your project.

We manufacture industrial parts by means of custom precision machining

Manufacturers of unique parts

We have proven experience in the manufacture of highly complex custom parts requiring perfect precision for customers from myriad fields including the automotive, machine tool, hardware and tooling sectors, etc. Our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement means that we can manufacture exclusive parts for our customers.