At Ukondartz we specialise in the custom machining of processes ranging from one-off batches to medium production runs. We guarantee the manufacturing of any kind of custom part. Extensive experience in the sector and the passion for our work translate into a flexible, quality service adapted 100% to your company’s needs.

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We offer an integral service custom designed to suit each customer with the main focus on going above and beyond your project’s needs. From start to finish, we perform all of the processes involved in precision machining: turning, milling, and grinding. And if required by the customer, we can purchase material and apply surface treatments such as tempering, anodising, bluing, chrome and nickel plating, nitriding, etc.

At Ukondartz we specialise in custom precision machining processes ranging from one-off batches to medium production runs
We specialise in the custom precision machining of both long and short runs


We adapt to and find the best solution for your sector. Thanks to our extensive experience in custom precision machining, we can adapt to a wide spectrum of industrial fields, particularly including the machine tool, hardware, bespoke tools, bespoke moulds, and automotive sectors.

While we certainly have the capacity to work for different sectors, at Ukondartz we are experts in precision machining for the machine tool sector, with our main objective being the manufacture of unique and highly specialised parts designed to offer our customers strong added value.

Do you need expert advice on precision machining?

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Write to us, or call if you prefer and we’ll find you a made-to-measure solution.


Our custom precision machining service offers our customers myriad advantages due to the fact that we can perform the complete process of custom precision machining parts, including the purchase of material and applying final surface treatments when required. Thanks to our structure, we can tackle all aspects of the service, keeping the completion times of the whole process to a minimum thanks to a drastic reduction in goods transport operations.

Not only that, by performing the complete machining process for your project, we leave you time to focus on other important aspects of your business, with the result of increased productivity and returns.


More than 40 years dedicated to the manufacturing of custom parts and strong commitment to our customers have earned us our place as one of the leading precision machining companies in our area. Thanks to our accumulated experience and cutting edge means of production, we can offer our customers results of impressive complexity and quality.

  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • Nylon
  • Etc.

We achieve great success in the machining of parts in a variety of materials including steel, plastic, bronze, brass, aluminium, nylon, etc.